Tewz1 is a visual artist & multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, ILL.

Tewz studied visual communications, printmaking, 8/16mm film, & holography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). He has created & exhibited artwork for 11 Spring St. NYC, Burger King, Adidas, Juxtapoz, Lollapalooza, & North Coast Music Festival.

Born & raised on the South Side of Chicago in the 80’s, Tewz was running tracks and painting tunnels in the early 90’s Chicago Graff scene. He co-ran the Independent Hip Hop record label Frontline in the early 00’s releasing albums by Qwazaar, J.U.I.C.E, and Slug (Atmosphere). An avid record digger and beat maker, Tewz has organized shows and performed musically both nationally and internationally in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Bogota, and others.

Tewz played clarinet as a child before moving on to drums, guitar, keys, electronic hardware and sound production. His father played in the Chicago Hard Rock band Battle Axe. Tewz is an all hardware producer using a variety of diy electronics, analog synths, samplers, and guitar pedals including the MPC2000, Yamaha VSS-30, MOOG Minitaur, KORG EX800, tape loops, Akai S20 w/ MIDI Clock Mod, diy delay circuits, cassettes, police scanners, electrified kalimba, Drumfire DF500, Simmons SDS8, Roland SH32, Farfisa FAST 4, Otari MX 5050 MkIII and other vintage gear.

In 2007, Tewz won the Cut&Paste Digital Design Championship in Chicago. He self released a die-cut picture vinyl titled Helix in 2012. In 2013, he released two 7″ records on Heardrums (Michigan) & Luana (Berne, Switzerland). In 2016, Tewz took 2nd place at the 5th Annual MoogFest Circuit Bending Challenge modifying a yamaha VSS-30 FM synthesizer into an 8 step sequencer and patchable Bad OP-erator (M is for Moog) with built in distortion, delay, and 3-step pitch clock oscillator.

Past projects include  modified newspaper boxes (MonsterBox), Chicago Police Brutality Coloring Books with miniaturized offset wagons, animated gif’s of Prince & Obama, and fake postage stamps (they actually worked btw) of famous (imPOSTer)’s including Andy Kaufman (as Tony Clifton), John Howard Griffin, David Hampton, and Frank Abagnale.

He is currently studying electronics, sound, tuning, frequency, resonance, magnetics, and electrogravitics.


2010 BFA, Visual Communications/Print Media, (SAIC) School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2007 Akademie Výtvarných Umění (AVU), Prague, Czech Republic

Selected Exhibitions
2017 Dia De Los Muertos, Under the Bridge Studio, Chicago
2017 Natural Inclinations, The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago
2015 Salas Abiertas, Centro Colombo Americano, Bucaramanga
2013 Chicago Reader Living Gallery, North Coast Music Festival, Chicago
2013 Has Beens & Wannabees, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago
2012 Juxtapoz X Hater Graffiti Brunch, SXSW, Austin
2012 Festival Kosmopolite, Bagnolet, Paris
2012 Chicago Reader Living Gallery, North Coast Music Festival, Chicago
2011 Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, Bravo TV, New York
2011 Meeting Of Styles, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago
2011 Chicago Reader Living Gallery, North Coast Music Festival, Chicago
2011 Text & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Maxwell Colette Gallery, Chicago
2011 Home Movie Screenings, Dorchester Project, Chicago
2011 Yo Soy Aire, Hot Pop Gallery, Milwaukee
2011 Chicago Street Art Show, Urban Art Society, Chicago
2010 Chicago Reader Gallery, North Coast Music Festival, Chicago
2010 54 B Stole Christmas, 54 B Gallery, Chicago
2010 MonsterBox Art Show, 54 B Gallery, Chicago
2009 Going Postal’s Revenge, Maya Essence, Chicago
2009 Raven Black – A Kwanzaa Tale, DuSable Museum of African American History, Chicago
2008 Neighborhood Public Radio (NPR), Whitney Biennial, New York
2008 Department (Store), Sullivan Galleries. Chicago
2008 Who Art Thou, Lollapalooza, Chicago
2008 Veni Vidi Vici, Juxtapoz x Club Six, San Francisco
2008 Keys Open Doors, South Union Arts, Chicago
2008 Hello My Name is Chicago, The Country Club, Chicago
2008 Wax Burner, A. Okay Gallery, Chicago
2007 They’re Hatin’, We’re Rollin’, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago
2007 Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament, Jury Prize, Chicago
2007 Art Ate New York, The 40 Thompson St. Gallery, New York
2007 Re:Mission, Think Space, Los Angeles
2006 Improvised Identity, Dulcenea, Chicago
2006 Fall Arts Festival, Around the Coyote, Chicago
2005 Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, ArtIsTroy Gallery, Chicago

2010 Mary Koga Award, Japan America Society of Chicago
2007 Presidential Merit Scholarship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2007 SAIC Grant, School of the Art Institute of Chicago